how many times

have I travelled

to you

Our thread entirely invisible

yet the current not unfelt

why is it that somewhere

in the expanse of the universe

two meet

At a distance 

already apart

only to be pulled further

by circumstance 

is it really love then?

Doesn’t love

move mountains 

part seas

find a way to be close

to draw one near

Isn’t love suppose to

Realign stars & explore galaxies

so why then must love

remain just out of reach

we grasped at fragile tendrils

hoped to not rip apart…

we worried of depolarization

and now we live in silence 
Love is Magnetism

love is a living 

Breathing entity

and at its purest,

love is existence

We are love

Even in silence

We remain love…


winter falls…

Winter visits her land

Complete whiteout 

clouds her vision

cold winds whip through every space
icing the crumbling walls 

she furls into her soul

to warm her bones

hope stoking her inner fire

a low flame remains

barely heat to speak of

only wet wood burns

smoke rises

the plumes creating dark skies

signals may come

wanting them not  to be misread

she slows her breath

to keep calm among

the long winter storm

her cheeks hold tears

frozen diamonds glitter

as she morns her loss

icicles kiss upon her lips

her fingertips touch the cold

heavy is his memory pressed there

silence is ever her nemesis

she feels her heart beat grow faint

as a pale shade of blue blood 

flows through her veins

she watches for him

along the edge of the trees

hints of him hide

among the shadows

trickery perhaps

meant to keep his memories alive

she bows her head

as the snowflakes 

dance on her eyelashes 

her eyelids grow heavy

from the weight of winter

she losing the battle

to stay awake…

as her eyes embrace the dark

she wonders if dawn will come

to break her deadfall