A nothing for certain…

I’m afraid I’m not very well
that i shoukd try to reach for
 or extend towards anyone
is beyond logic 
the way I am…
What am I anyway
to you 
Or you  
Or to her 
or him
or anyone
from this edge 
it is pointless 
only emptiness reigns here
I’m afraid I’m not 
all together lovely
or beautiful
Or the fairest…
there’s this ugliness 
and brokenness
a nothing for certain
I hate every bit of that
…nothing is me 


taste like silk…

Another one of my drafts…I believe this poem is posted on my other blog but differently written. I highly attracted to the idea of being lost inside a lover…and what is it that draws me to the ways of the Japanese… Stunning & beautiful 

I found you
in the folds
of my kimono
entangled in my silk threading
we stayed wrapped awhile
among midnighted splendor
drank in the burn of saki
and sensuous poetry
my hair unwound 
and unclipped
fanned the expanse of your chest
as you wrote your love
inside the delicacy of my wrist
with oils and charcoal
and the scent of you
watching it soak into my skin
reminding us of the softness
of wind swept scents of the 
the cherry blossom trees
the feathered edges of color
mesmerized by your mouth
you tasted like silk
like every word I could love…
before I died a lover’s death