sipping bits of your pulp…

I come here 
to a more intimate setting
where other parts yearn for you
don’t mind my being here
mind bending
shifting thoughts
an all consuming water 
I sip with bits of you & lemon pulp
no desire to rush
no reluctancy to finish
or push you away
even if i wanted I couldn’t 
you’ve spread too far
immersed too deep
this heating preservation 
antiqued of longing 
an ocean’s drop of salt
blending my blood
with your sky color
why should I resist
not give in any longer
do what you will
speak into me your frequency 
I feel less faint
climbing inbetween
subtle movements and 
pelting flames
perhaps you contemplate more
know more than you say
see more than I know
swarming inside my pen
everything alit
infused somehow
a signature scent
wholly complete 
everything essential
in that moment 
when finally
your breath
will steal mine
is it so far off
or will it come too quickly
will you even read this
do you hear the
ticking of anticipation 
feel the pull 
inside the storming of hours
in between there and here
from now and until then
will you answer…


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