a letter to M

Letter to my 40-something self if I ever get the chance to time travel back in time…

Dear M, 

You’ll begin to write and some will read your poetry, enjoy your writing. They will talk with you. Say nice things to you…maybe they’ll flirt a little, hint at wanting you…and like a sad pathetic insecure fucked up middle aged woman you’ll begin to think you matter to them, here me though, as i scream this…BUT YOU DON’T MATTER!!! 

Save yourself heartbreaking pain…deep heartwretching pain…go ahead and be polite, but don’t engage anymore than with a thank you! Don’t encounter them any more than with with a slient smile! Don’t give them your breath! Nor give them a pen…a knife! Don’t give them an open heart! Shut that bleeding bitch up tight!  Lock it! They don’t want it! Not your heart…nor you!!!

Love yourself poetess!
Respect yourself!
Be okay with spending the rest of your life alone! 
Be content darling! 
Remember you tried your best to love long and deep!
They just don’t love you back…ever!!!


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